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Say your golden idea, this year’s sisters festival invites you to plan

In order to successfully carry out the 2022 China Guizhou Miao(Hmong) Sisters Festival, through the market-oriented operation mode, improve the popularity and experience of the Miao Sisters Festival, make the Miao Sisters Festival branded and international, and are now recruiting “2022 China Guizhou Miao Sisters” from all walks of life. Festival event planning”.

April 13 to May 4, 2022 (the traditional Miao(Hmong) Sisters Festival is on March 15 of the lunar calendar every year, and the Gregorian calendar in 2022 is April 15).

(1) Recruitment for national excellent event planning companies;

(2) Have experience in planning and holding large-scale cultural tourism activities at or above the state level, and have a certain understanding and research on Hmong culture;

(3) It has a sound management organization and a sound work system, and has a strong ability to organize and implement;

(4) Have strong original program planning, training and performance capabilities;

(5) Have rich experience in cultural tourism resource promotion and media publicity;

(6) It has a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law, and has no illegal records or bad credit records;

(7) Planners participating in this recruitment need to submit company qualifications, successful case materials, planning ideas and capital budgets for this event;

(8) The purpose of this announcement is to collect relevant information about companies that are willing to participate in the planning and hosting of this event, and is not a bidding announcement.

The event planning should be rich in content without losing its true character, innovative in form and without losing its original flavor. The key points of event planning include the following.

  1. Comprehensive activities, including but not limited to: the opening ceremony of the Sisters Festival, the country tour of the deep friendship between sisters, and the love theme forum;
  2. Traditional activities, including but not limited to: 10,000 people dressed in silver embroidery tour, Hmong nationality wedding custom experience tour, 10,000 people embroidered sister scrolls, etc.;
  3. Literary and artistic activities, including but not limited to: Ten thousand people singing Wengyou River, Miao nationality singing and dancing bonfire party, etc.;
  4. Catering activities, including but not limited to: 10,000 people sharing long table banquets, etc.;
  5. Business activities, including but not limited to: Hmong cultural and creative commodity competition, Hmong embroidered silver jewelry exhibition and sales, corporate promotion, investment promotion, etc.;
  6. Sports activities, including but not limited to: 10,000 people hiking Miaojiang Long March Road, half marathon, etc.;
  7. Promotional activities, including but not limited to: Sisters Festival press conference, Sisters Festival LOGO release, Sisters Festival mascot release, Sisters Festival song creation, filming of film and television works, etc.

Activity planning adheres to marketization, internationalization, and branding as the orientation, focusing on novel content and unique form, and activities should be attractive, shocking, and influential, so as to effectively enhance the economic benefits of Taijiang tourism industry.

  1. The event planning should adhere to market orientation, target market hotspots, make full use of the cultural core of the Miao(Hmong) Sisters Festival, and achieve a unified and coordinated improvement of social and economic benefits;
  2. Event planning must always aim at internationalization, innovate the form of event presentation, increase event participation, combine traditional festivals with modern activities, and expand the audience of the festival;
  3. The event planning should focus on branding, create a special IP for the Miao (hmong) Sisters Festival, do a good job in linking the development cycles of various activities during the event, and take some key programs as breakthrough points to ensure the sustainability of the rest of the activities.

Event planning should be centered on a strong sense of tourist experience and high tourist satisfaction.

  1. The experience effect of the whole process of eating, lodging, traveling, shopping, and playing should be fully considered for visiting tourists;
  2. Well-known entertainment media can be invited to participate in enhancing the attractiveness of the event;
  3. Explore cross-regional and cross-category joint events to improve event service capabilities

The deadline for recruitment is February 25, 2022. Companies interested in participating in the planning should simultaneously submit detailed planning plans before February 25.

From February 26 to February 28, 2022, the recruiter will organize relevant experts to pre-review the planning plan

According to the pre-review comments, the recruiter will invite the planning companies to hold a recruitment fair for on-site review before March 1.



Responsible unit: Guizhou Jindan Gillian Cultural Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Contact: Zhou Qian 18744822034 Zhang Hainan 15186891596

Email: 651041206@qq.com

Address: Engineering Department of Taijiang Hotel, Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province

Postcode: 556300

Recipient: Long Hui 18212273209

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