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Folktale of the Hmong (Hmongb) Nationality: Dog Plowing the Land

Dled Laix Deb – Dog plowing

Touk nzod muax aob gud dix, touk nil mex mid mid naf zid zeuf duas dangl leuf, aob gud dix zhit muax qeut ib, ib dol buab dreud ib dol uat nenx. – There used to be two brothers. Their parents died when they were very young. The two brothers were helpless and depended on each other.

Hnob nyongs ib hnob hnob tlout mol, aob gud dix mangx mangf hlob dad nens, wef laok suk ib yif nenb, dix lous zeuf mol jaox dout ib dol box lol. Zeuf yaos wef dol naf dix nat, yif nenb rangx lol ndrual zat uat nkouk ngongt duax. – As the days passed, the two brothers grew up slowly, and in order to be like a family brother, they married a daughter-in-law. It was this sister-in-law, and the story of this family began to turn into twists and turns.

Faib juab dangl dol gud duab dol mol zab ndongt hlaik nghenb lol muab zhed vod dout, vod dout zhed dangl zhas mol kheb deb chab, dol gud faib juab dangl yenx zhit qif shab let jangl, zhos yaos shout shab laos nbangx rongt yol lob nenx chab. – Since the sister-in-law got married, the sister-in-law has been the housekeeper, the elder brother is the pet chick in her cage, the younger brother is her servant, and the sister-in-law is a bitter-hearted person. More than that, she is also a lazy person. The sister-in-law has been married for a period of time, and she feels very uncomfortable seeing her younger brother live with her. At first, she assisted her brother to do a lot of farm work, and scolded when she watched him take a break or slowed down a little bit, then she directly beat him, not allowing him to eat. The elder brother is a soft food, she dare not say that her wife follows her daughter-in-law in everything, so she can’t help her brother in any way. In the sister-in-law’s eyes, her younger brother is a thorn in her eyes, and what her younger brother does is not what she wants. The sister-in-law tried every means to torture her younger brother. She handed over the dirty work to her younger brother, but did not let him see any delicious food. After a while, she felt that the sister-in-law was not enough. She told her husband to separate the family. Because the sister-in-law was the steward, the brother couldn’t speak, so the younger brother was separated, and nothing was given to the younger brother. The biggest one was a yellow dog.

Haik zos faib juab nil zhit dot shab drout naf dix tab dix lous ngeuf, nil boub dak gud dix hlob duax nzod lis dob yuad dout faib, zeuf naf dix shab dlob uat dout nat laok haik dout tlout mol, lenx dus dob sangd dout lob nenx rongt. Ras nat yol uat yol nenx, yol yuad dout muab yol lob juab changx nbangx rongt naf dix dix loul tab rex raol let shaib doul yol. – After the separation, the younger brother went to cut down the trees and mowed the grass to build the house by himself. After the house was built, he went to open up wasteland. After the separation, the younger brother was not very sad, but just focused on improving his new life.

Deuf bleul ndox chab, mid gangb mid nongs ghuax uat raox uat ris, nongs goub guef yangx ghuax tlout zeuf yaos jaix nyongs jaos ghongb jaos longt. Dangb shik sangd zos jaos ghongb yad yuad nyox, dol gud muax nzhik nyuax shab, nil faib juab zhos faib dout ib dol zid dled sub, xongt nat nchait yol zhit gangd muax shab wangf nyox laix deb leuf. – Speaking of the separation, he didn’t blame the two brothers and sisters. He knew that the brothers would get points sooner or later when they grow up. Even if they were made by the sisters-in-law, it was justified. Everyone wanted to live a good life. Now that I live alone, I have to live my life beautifully, so that my elder brothers and sisters-in-law and everyone can respect themselves.

Dangs gil, dol gud sheud nzod nzod lol job njuad, hmaot daof ndex zhit bob dol dled let hmaot, zos touk jaox dled mol laix deb, dol dled zeuf chaib hend, dol gud juaf dout vongf, nil zeuf baod ib lob nyuas njuad luax doub del drout daof ndos deb, dol dled chaib blangb zeuf hait vongf tlat mol naox njuad, uat let ndeuf zeuf laix dout ib vongs deb, daol dol dled naox zhout deb laok laix leuf zhit zheus. – When spring comes, the worms and birds scream so frustratingly. After the phoenix screams, it is the day to sow seeds. But when he thought that he needed cows for planting, his younger brother was a little upset. He was only given a dog when he was separated. I am afraid that he can’t hope that there will be cows to plow the land this year. After thinking about it all day and night, the younger brother determined to replace the ox ploughing with the dog. But if you need a dog to help plow the land, I’m afraid it will take some effort.

Haik lol laok zeud, nyuaf zos jaix jaos ghongb naf nyangb tab dix lous dol nyox jat let drous maob duas leuf, aob dol hnaod dak gud dol dled laix dout deb, zeuf duax ghed mol laix. Touk mol zos deb aob naf zid lal dreuk let dol gud haik laix, dangb shik dol naf dix buab let njuad lox tlout shangb leuf, dex lob luax deud vangk, dol dled naox dangl beb lob zeuf zhout leuf, dled naox zhout uat jangl dob zhit laix deb, naf dix nbout deul zeuf muab dol dled kaob duas drout daof deb, lol haik uat nbout deul nzuad khat drout dol gud. Hnaod dak yol dol dled duas leuf, dol gud ghuax ghuax mol daof deb muab dol dled vouk jat. Dout zhit nded, dol dled zeuf duax uat ib zhaob ndongt mangx, dol gud mol shaib bof, nil ghaox ghaox zhaob ndongt, uat jangl muax nyax gob rens nghel lol. zix ndeuf lol dol gud lob nenx zeuf rongt duax. – In the morning, my brother got up early to make baba. He didn’t feed the dog for dinner the night before. When he took the dog to plow the ground, the dog was very hungry. After he set up the plow, he threw a finger-big baba to the ground. The dog was hungry. He dragged the plow to eat the peas, so he plowed a ditch, and when the dog was full, he plowed a lot.

Muax ib hnob, naf dix mol deb tlout drous ndeuf dol gud khaod drongx, dol gud bof zeuf hot naf dix lol zhed naox shot, naf dix haik leuf ibnpout lol shaib zhit doul dol gud let lol zhed. Dol gud drout maod drout naf dix naox, naf dix shaib dol gud dex ndif zaix ndif maol uat chab chaik, ndeuf deut drongx zhenf muax nyax gob das tab, naf dix ib get naox ib get muab naf ndid deut mol dlis nyax gob, dlis dlis lob drongx ghous hlaot.“Naf dix, gaox zhit dek dlis laok, ib huaf gud ndif ib nzhik drout gaox jaox mol dix loul mex dout shid.” dol gud haik. “Gud eux, gaox uat jangl yuad muax uat luax nat, gaox khat drout gaox dix loul ub, ub lal dout lob rongt nenx uat tab aok, beb zaof nyif hend.”Naf dixhaik uat guat muas dob sangd bongb deuf lol ntraot. “Naf dix, dob yaos gaox muab god dol dled duat duas leuf, god muab fouk dangl jat let duax ib zhaob ndongt, god mol ghaox zhaob ndongt zeuf muax dex nyax gob nat lal.”dol gud deb. Naf dix uat sheud zhenk lol nos:”Buak muax das let gaox haik mangx lenx gud, dex loul haik let ghaox nyax ndongt zeuf yaos let nat laod?”“Yaos geus sub, dix loul mex aob lens mangf mol ghaox jek zeuf zeux dout nyax gob ib yangf tab laok. ” dol gud haik khat drout nil naf dix. – Strangely speaking, the elder brother’s sister-in-law’s cattle became sick and died just after the sowing season. They heard that their brother’s dog was able to plow the land, so they came and borrowed to plow the land. When they arrived in the field, the two plowed according to what the younger brother said, but the sister-in-law made the baba too big, each of them was as big as a big bowl. The dog would be full after eating three of them, so the sister-in-law would not plow when the dog was full. When he was angry, he killed the dog in the ground, and when he came back, he was very angry and told his brother about the matter. Hearing that his dog was dead, my brother cried and went to bury the dog. It didn’t take long for the dog to grow into a hemp tree. My brother went and saw it. He shook the tree, and gold fell from the tree. Since then, my brother’s life has improved.

Naf dix draod raox lol zos njuad zhed zeuf nbangx bangs led mol ghaox, dangb shik ghaok shout zhaob ndongt rens lol let zhit yaos nyax gob, zhos muax gangb gob gangb dris, naf dix ib jed dob aot baob dangl, nil lol zhed gud hlaot douk mol muab zhaob ndongt ndaod hlaot baod zhes leuf. Zhit dangl let ndeuf nil hax duax muab dol gud caof dib denf. Dol gud mol shaib shaib zhaob ndongt ghuax ghuax, nil muab jes ndongt duk dout ib lob ruas, lob ruas nzhik bloub hout nzhik dout uat ncend yenl. Muax ib hnob naf dix bof naf dix zeuf nos nil, nil muab khaod das khat drout naf dix, naf dix zeuf yad yuad ghed nil lob ruas mol nzhik aob hnob, nil zhit dout sangd let jangl zeuf muab drout naf dix jaox mol leuf. Naf dix ghangt dout ruas lol nzhik bloub hout, lob ruas muab nil dex bloub hout jaod suk lob rel zhuas, dot let dot hlet let hlet, naf dix nbout deul zeuf muab lob ruas baod hod khaod job hleud leuf, lal zhit dout duax haik khat dol gud. Tlout leuf ib gut, gud duax muab gud lob ruas, naf dix guas nil mol hod khaod job paox, dol gud paox paox, paox dout ib kod douf dlangx sub, dol gud naox dangl douf dlangx zeuf draod mol zhed leuf. – One day my sister-in-law went up the mountain and passed by the door of my brother’s house. When my brother saw him, he asked my sister-in-law to come home for lunch. The sister-in-law said a lot of things that looked down upon my brother and put off for a long time before entering the door. The younger brother served food to his sister-in-law. The sister-in-law saw that his brother’s porcelain bowl was so new and the table legs were still cushioned with gold. While eating, the sister-in-law moved her big toe to get gold and knocked over the table. “Sister-in-law, don’t squeeze it. I’ll pretend to take some for you. Brother, you have to use it.” The younger brother said. “Brother, why are you so wealthy? Tell your brother that we both have a good life. We are too difficult.” The sister-in-law said tears were falling. “Sister-in-law, you killed my dog. After I bury it, a tree will grow. I will shake the tree and there will be gold.” The younger brother replied. The sister-in-law stood up and asked, “Is there really something you said? Brother, that’s what the old man is talking about?” “Really, if you go to shake your brother, you will get gold.” The younger brother told his sister-in-law.

Dol gud lol zhed muax nzhik cenb blangb, nil laok zhit dout lik ndout zeuf mol nguaf kut.Mol zos hod kut uat jangl dlif bouk npeud npongd sub, nil njis ib nzhik kut muax ndout zheus duab nens dob drous nil zhaot bouk zhut ghous leuf, dout zhit nded zeuf muax nof duax muab nil jaox mol. Nof jaox nil mol ntrad dout gouf yif lob hob drout nil zhaot bouk, ndif bod gouf yif hob dangl nil let bouk let zhaot dangl. Nof muab dout ib ndangk nyax gob drout nil gud lol, haik dak yaos nil dex bouk muax nghet dous ntrad hend, nof zhud yuad jaox jaod bouk mol shid drout luf khaod muax nghet. – As soon as the sister-in-law arrived home, she was ready to be banned to win the money, but what fell from the tree was not gold, only caterpillars and lamb. The sister-in-law was covered with red and swollen tints, so she went home and carried an axe to chop the tree. This was not over yet, she came to scold her brother, and his brother went to see the tree and cried again. She made a comb from the branches, and this comb can comb her hair neatly. One day the sister-in-law saw him and asked him what was happening. He told the sister-in-law about the matter. The sister-in-law borrowed the comb from him for a few days. He gave the comb to the sister-in-law without much thought. The sister-in-law used a comb to comb her hair. The comb stirred her hair into a ball and broke off. The sister-in-law was angry and threw the comb into the fire pit and burned it without telling her brother. After a week, the younger brother came to fetch his comb, and his sister-in-law asked him to plan it in the fire pit. After a long time, the younger brother only saw one soybean. After eating the soybeans, the younger brother went home.

Dol gud gud nyax gob lol zhed nyaob daos ged zhib drous naf dix, nil muax jof nenx nof nat haik drout naf dix, naf dix nongs dangl uat shab gob los dak:”Lenx gudaox, yaos haik let mak dangs gil god gib ib vangb chouk drout gaox dix loul naox, jat nil mol mak nchait nyax gob yuad dout ndout hend let aok.”Naf dix haik dangl zeuf tlat mol zhed leuf, dol gud muab nyax gob nil dob zhit zaik. – My brother got a little stomachache when he went home, so he didn’t care and went to the market. When he went to the market, the farts came out one by one. After he walked around for a while, many people were stunned by his farts, and soon officials came to take him away. The officials took him and gave him eighteen large cylinders to let him fart, and he finished his fart after the eighteen cylinders were filled. The official gave him a load of gold and silver to pick him home, saying that his farts were of great research value, and they wanted to use these farts to do other valuable things.

Dangs gil daof ghangb, naf dix gib dout ib vangb chouk douf dlangx drout dix loul naox dangl dix loul zeuf mol gangd kut. wef yaos naox ndout tlout leuf, nyaob shout ged dix loul zeuf uat bouk deus nghangx daot, dex duab nens ndeuf ged drous nil chuab hunb dangl, mol zos hod kut, dix loul lob khaot ghuad juas drangx chuab deul bis bis bongs bongs zhit dot, duab nens ghous ib kut kut. Nof duax muab nil ndel mol, ntrad naf hob drout nil zhaot, nil ib lob bouk ib lob hob, muab gouf yif lob hob zhuaf deus dangl, zhit dangl let ndeuf jaod nof lal hunb leuf zhit zheus, zhit muax zhud yif zeuf ntrad gongb sod lol muab nil lob khaot ghuad sheuk leuf. Sheuk dangl dix loul nyax zhit doul zhos dout tlout lol zhed, nil lol zos shout daos zhed zeuf hot dol box ghangt zab duax. Dol box nchait dak yaos nyax gob hnyangd tlout leuf gud zhit doul, yad yuad jux ndangk nat zeuf gud jux ndangk mol. “Las dob muab god khaot ghuad nzid leuf laok gaox zhenf gud jux ndangk duax, huaf nat god maob blangb tlout leuf, nyax zhit doul laok ,nchait yuad drous duas sob laok.”Dix loul haik uat nbout deul vaos.“Gaox zid eux gaox zhit dek ceux, jat god mangf shid gouk hnad lol ndros gaox dluat.”Dol box haik uat changx shif dob zhit muab. Dol dix loul nyax zhit doul leuf zeuf jat dol box shid gouk hnad dluat, dol box shid hlaot gouk hnad khaid nyif ib dluat, dix loul juas duat paof let drout, zhenf ngangs ngouk drout hod naf dix lob khaod njoux ndangs, naf dix did zhit zhud zeuf jat let duas leuf. – The younger brother picked gold and silver to go home and met his sister-in-law halfway. She told the sister-in-law about the matter. After listening to it, the sister-in-law said happily, “Brother, in this case, I will fry a dustpan for your brother tomorrow morning and let him go. I need a lot of gold and silver.” The sister-in-law ran home after speaking, but she didn’t accept the gold and silver from her brother. The next morning, my sister-in-law fried a pan of soybeans for my brother and went to the market after eating. Because he ate too much, my brother fart on the road, and the pedestrians were stunned by him. When he arrived at the market, my brother’s butt was crackling like a machine gun, and people fainted all over the street. The officials came and grabbed him and found a big tank for him. He blasted eighteen cylinders to pieces. At the same time, many officials were also stunned by the ass. They had no choice but to use a needle and thread to slap his ass. Sewed up. After sewing, my brother couldn’t bear it and ran home. When he came to the back of the room, he asked his wife to bring scissors. The wife thought it was too much gold and silver to carry a pole, so she took the pole. “People have sewn my butt and you are carrying a pole. Now my stomach hurts so much, I can’t hold on, maybe I’m going to die.” My brother said angrily. “His father, don’t worry, let me tear it for you with my teeth.” The wife said casually. The elder brother couldn’t bear it and asked his wife to tear his teeth. The wife just tore his teeth with his teeth. The elder brother rushed into the sister-in-law’s mouth like a gun shot.

Lol Ndrual Khat Boub – Story inspired

Khaod ib, shab dlangd shab rongt. Nyaob hod lob lol ndrual nat, dol naf dix ib ras aob ras lol zhif dol gud tab uat bual dol gud lob nenx, hax ib ras aob ras lol taod dol gud let qeut rongt, dol gud zhit dout wef naf dix uat pef drout nil ,nil zeuf uat pef boux draod drout naf dix, nil hax shik ib ras ras khat khaod das tab khaod rongt drout naf dix, sangd jat naf nyangb dix loul dout lob rongt nenx uat. Zeuf naf dix tab dix loul uat dluad dlangb zhit drout nil, nil dob zhit dout dot shab dluad drout naf nyangb dix loul, nil zhit dout nzhob dluad naf nyangb dix loul ib ras, zeuf ras dus dob yaos nil ib dol nyax tlout mol, draod muab lob nenx nbangx rongt drout naf nyangb dix loul uat ghoud. – First of all, kind-hearted and broad-minded. In this story, the sister-in-law tortured his brother again and again, ruining his life, and begged again and again for his brother’s good. The younger brother did not treat his sister-in-law badly because his sister-in-law treated him badly. He still treated his sincere heart again and again. Tell my sister-in-law about the benefits, I want my brother and sister-in-law to have a good life. Even if her brother and sister-in-law had done something to him, she never blamed them. He never resented them once, and every time he carried it by himself silently, and then set a good example for his brother and sister-in-law.

Dol gud lob shab dlangd shab rongt zeuf yaos dol ghoud guas beb cuat lenx yuad dout mol xof tab mol dous, uat nenx drout shif jenb beb yuad dout zhaot lob shab dlangd dlangd, beb zox ged nenx let zeux yif dous yif dlangd. – The generosity and kindness of my younger brother is an example for each of us to inherit and inherit. Living in the human world, we have to broaden our minds, and our path will become wider and wider.

Khaod aob, nenb rongt zeux dout rongt, shab pef dout hmongd pef.nyaob nat beb sob haik dol gud.Daof ndex, lob nenx zhenf zaof nyif, dangb shik naf nyangb dix loul deud kheud muab nil faib deuf lol leuf, zeuf dak nil lob nenx langx hend, dangb shik nil zhit dout sangd dak yaos naf dix dix loul zhit rongt, nil uat duax shab laos mol nbangx yol lob nenx, muab nenx mangx mangf uat rongt sheud lol. Daof ghangb nat, nil lob nenx mangx mangf rongt duax, nil laok muax shab bangb zos naf nyangb dix loul, dangb shik wef naf nyangb lob shab zhit rongt, ras ras dob zhit dout rongt, laok ib ras ras let muab dol gud lob nenx ndouk deus, dangb guas nyaob ndeuf dol gud, nil hax shik dous yol let ged nbangx yol let nenx, yuad yaof yaos wef nil lob shab rongt shab dleub, nil ras ras dob hmongd rongt, rongt nenx sex duax nzhib drous nil, zhit jat nil lob nenx bual nghel mol. Zos touk souk, dol gud dob yaos nzhib drous rongt hmongd. Nyaob ndeuf nat, rangx lol ndrual nat nchait zeuf yuad khat guas beb boub dak: “shab rongt let zeux dout rongt, shab dlangd lob ndox hnob hnob changd.” – Secondly, good people get rewards, and evil deeds get bad results. Here we first talk about brother. Before, life was difficult, but his brother and sister-in-law forced him out. Although his life was very difficult, he did not blame his brother and sister-in-law for being bad. He enthusiastically planned to build his own life and live better day by day. Later, his life gradually improved, and he was also willing to help his brother-in-law, but because his sister-in-law’s heart was not good, he did not repay him every time and destroyed his brother’s life time and time again. However, it was his brother that he still liked himself. Life. Perhaps because of his kindness and willingness, he is lucky every time, and good things are always met by him to prevent his life from degrading. In the end, the younger brother was also a lucky one. Here, this story may tell us: “Good people are rewarded, and the sun is sunny every day.”

Haik zos ndeuf dol naf dix, nil lob shab zhit rongt, shab dlob shab nghaif. Touk dol gud ndros nil buab nyaob uat get, nil nax hnob zhif dol gud, ndrangt hnyangd nof ghak dob zib dol gud mol uat, rongt ghangb zhas zhit jat dol gud bof, let nat nil hax zhit zouk shab, nil hax muab dol gud faib deuf lol, faib ib dol zid dled drout dol gud sub. Daof ghangb yaos yol uat yuaf hax muab dol gud dol dled duat leuf tab, yuad yaof zeuf yaos dif let nat, lob ndox let zhaot ged zaof nyef drout nil, jat nil lob nenx sex uat zhit sheud. Ib pangb nceut dol gud lob nenx, ib pangb nil zhas zhit boub dleuk yol lob shab, zeuf uat let nat, zos daof ghangb muab yol zox shad sangt leuf. “Shab pef dout hmongd pef”zeuf yaos let nat. – When it comes to sister-in-law, she has a vicious heart and a narrow-minded mind. When the younger brother was with them, she tortured him every day and gave him all the dirty work. The food was delicious and the drink was not shown to him, so she still felt that it was not enough. She divided the younger brother out and gave him only a dog. Later, I killed my brother’s dog because of my mistake. Perhaps it was because of this that God allowed her to live a hard and difficult life, and her life never got better. One was envious of his younger brother, but he didn’t know how to change his heart, and that’s it, until he finally succumbed to his life. “Evil deeds lead to evil results” is the case.


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